It’s time to open account and manage your business via mobile phone or laptop

to open current account for business

File application from your mobile phone or personal computer

Download copies of documents over a secure internet connection

Sign documents at any convenient time and place upon meeting with representative


Full statistics of your accounts, payments and transfers without fees, on your PC and phone

  • User friendly interface
  • Demo version
  • Remote opening of accounts for IEs
  • Online payments and transfers, taxes and payments to the treasury
  • Intrabank transfers between payment cards and IE accounts
  • Online viewing of available balance
  • Online receipt of statements on all accounts
  • Online types of all bank statements
  • Online receipt of bank details
  • Online blocking / unblocking of a card
  • FAQ
  • ATMs and outlets navigator
internet bank for IEs
my mobile bank for IEs

Payment card of individual entrepreneur

business card 24/7

New design and groundbreaking service

  • From 0 тенге

    Payment card issue starting

  • 0% for top-ups through ATMs with

    online crediting to IE’s card account

  • 0 тенге

    for conversions on the Bank’s cards

  • 0 тенге

    for receiving statements on IE’s card account

  • 0 тенге

    for intrabank transfer between IE’s accounts, 24/7 access

  • 0 тенге

    for ordering a card from app / website, with personal delivery!

  • 1% cash back

    from each transactions

  • PayWave

    pay in one touch

  • Instant P2P transfers

    between Visa and Mastercard cards

  • Contactless payments using Apple Pay

    convenient and safe way to pay for purchases in a few seconds

Business - means movement


    1. How to register in ATFBusiness app?
      To register in ATFBusiness app is very easy and simple; Just enter the IIN and mobile number. There is no need to install additional devices, flash drivers and tokens.
    2. Is there a mobile version of ATFBusiness app?
      Yes, there is a mobile version, available on App Store or Play Market.
      Type “atfbusiness” in search box.
    3. At what time can I send an application for opening a current account in ATFBusiness app?
      You can send a request to open a current account at any time convenient to you. If the application is sent off hours, weekends or holidays, then it will be reviewed on the first business day.
    4. How do I apply online to open a current account?
      Using the ATFBusiness app you can submit an online application from any device (smartphone or PC).
      To submit an online application you must:
      1) register in ATFBusiness app (web or mobile version);
      2) enter the ATFBusiness app;
      3) then select “Open account” and step by step follow the instructions on the screen.
      We recommend to check and if possible to pay off tax debts before applying.
    1. How to open a current account?
      You can open a current account without visiting the Bank’s branch, directly from office or home, by submitting an online application for opening a current account in ATFBusiness app. Also, If you wish you can contact the Bank’s branch with necessary set of documents.
    2. In what currency can I open current accounts?
      Current accounts can be opened in KZT, USD, EUR, RUB, RNB, CHF, and GBR.
      When submitting an online application for opening a current account using
      ATFBusiness, the first account is opened in KZT and subsequent ones – in USD, EUR and RUB.
    3. Is it possible to open a current account in foreign currency without having a current account in tenge?
      To open a current account in foreign currency and perform currency transactions on it, a valid current account in tenge is required.
    4. What documents are required to open a current account?
      To open a current account you must provide:
      1) Identity document;
      2) Certificate of state registration as an individual entrepreneur or extract from the state electronic register of permits and notifications of the state revenue body indicating the identification number of the notification about the beginning of activity as an individual entrepreneur.
      If the account is opened by the attorney, the following shall be provided:
      1) a document certifying identity of the attorney;
      2) a notarized Power of attorney issued by the individual entrepreneur indicating the right to open an account.
    1. For how much can I top-up my current account?
      No limits.
    2. How to top-up the current account?
      You can top-up the current account by transferring from other accounts within the Bank or from accounts of other banks or to branches of the Bank. When applying to the Bank branch you must bring original ID.
    3. How to withdraw money from current account?
      To withdraw money from a current account: 1) using a business card 24/7 at ATM; 2) Bank’s branch.
    4. Are there any limits on withdrawing money from the current account?
      There are no limits.
    1. What is 24/7 business card?
      It is a payment card for individuals that provide access to current account 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
      Just enough to transfer money on a business card 24/7 using ATFBUSINESS app, in order to pay goods and services, withdraw cash at any ATM around the world, and make purchase in Internet.
    2. How to open a business card 24/7?
      The business card 24/7can be opened remotely using web or ATFBusiness app by submitting online application or by contacting the Bank branch with all necessary documents. To issue a business card 24/7 you must first open a separate current account with the Bank.
    3. How much is a business card 24/7?
      Issue, first year of service and delivery – 0 tenge.
      The second and subsequent years — 1 900 tenge per year.
      The amount is automatically debited from the card when the next year of using the card comes.
    4. How to activate the business card 24/7?
      In order to activate the business card 24/7 you need to go to ATM of the Bank and set a PIN-code, then follow the steps on ATM screen to set the PIN-code.
    1. How can I contact the Customer support service?
      You can contact the Customer support service by phones:
      1) 2424 – free of charge from mobile in RK;
      2) +7 727 2-583-888 – free of charge, from city phones in Almaty.
      3) write to
    2. How to find out the details of the current account?
      In ATFBusiness app, in “Details” section you need to select an account and form the details for it. You can also see the details of the current account in ATFBusiness app in the “Accounts” section. Select the required account and click “Details”.
    3. How to send a payment order from ATFBusiness app to на e-mail?
      All payment orders are available for sending by email. In the “Payments and transfers” section, go to “History”, then:
      1) select the desired payment with status “Conducted”;
      2) click “Send receipt”.
      A payment order/receipt can be sent with any electronic mail service installed on your device.
    4. How to get a statement about the current account?
      To get a statement you need to contact the Bank or apply online using ATFBusiness app.
    1. Details of the Bank tariffs can be found on the official website at

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